Bahawalpur was an independent state before Pakistan came into existence in 1947. In 1780, the city was built on an old site. Nawab Bahawal Khan I (1746 - 1749) laid the foundation of Baghdad-ul-Jadidin in 1748, made the state the capital and ruled for 3 years. Apart from Dera Ghazi Khan, some parts of Sukkur, Multan, Sahiwal, and Muzaffargarh were also included in the state.

Over the years, Bahawalpur has become a developed city in Pakistan and can be categorized as a megacity in terms of real estate, parks, markets and institutions. Local shopping areas or bazaars look distinctive and sell embroidered clothes, slippers and locally made filigree pottery. Overall, the developed roads and green belts give a modern look to the city.


Lahore to Khanewal


Motorway and it takes about 3 hrs 40 min to travel

Khanewal to Lodhran


National Highway and it takes about 1hr 20 min to travel

Lodhran to Bahawalpur


National Highway and it takes about 45 min to travel

Islamabad to Khanewal


Motorway and it takes about 5 hrs 30 mins to travel

Khanewal to Bahawalpur


National Highway and it takes about 1 hr 50 min to travel





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Weather Details

October to March

The temperature remains pleasant during these months. Many migrating birds can be seen during this time of the year.

April to September

From April onwards, the temperature becomes hot and can increase up to 50°C. Travel during this time is not recommended.


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