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If you have a requirement for having an exclusive tour for an Executive who is visiting Karachi for a day or two, we offer exclusive executive's retreat in Karachi. Karachi, bustling, ever-growing metropolis of Pakistan, lies on the eastern coast of the Arabian Sea, just northwest of the Indus river delta. The largest city, and unarguably the most important, Karachi was the original capital of the nation. The sprawling huge metropolis has grown into the commercial, transport and political hub of the country, and operates the largest and busiest ports in the country. The growth rate of the city propels it forward onto the global stage and Karachi is on its way to becoming a massively influential player.

Karachi offers a remarkable variety of attractions and activities – from sunny, sandy beaches and scurf-infested old colonial buildings, still preserved and in some cases inhabited, to traditional bazaars and modern shopping malls. Upscale luxury hotels overlook modish restaurants with flavors from all over the nation and much of the world. They make the city a hot­spot for local and tourist activity.


We share customized itinerary along with packages of the tour, after receiving the booking details. 

Places to see

Mizar-e-Quaid, Mohata Palace, PAF Museum, Do Darya, Clifton Beach & Port Grand, Makli Necropolis & Karachi Malls 


Sight Seeing



This package is shared on request by our sales representatives

Our Gold package includes our signature luxury services and can be customized as per requirement anytime.


Starting From
PKR 634,000
for 2 persons

Hotels: Northern Retreat, Wazir Mahal, Serena Shigar, Serena Khaplu, Legend Hotel, Mountain Lodge, Roomy Dastan, Famree Resort, Blossom Inn Gupis, Mastuj Fort, Villa Ayun

Vehicle: Included with fuel & driver

Not Included: Meals, Guide, and Passes can be added upon request


Starting From
PKR 550,000
for 2 persons

Hotels: Pinepark Edge Resort, Wazir Mahal, Mountain Lodge, Karakoram Lodge Khaplu, Roomy Vantage, Mountain Resort, Blossom Inn Gupis, Mastuj Fort, Roomy Hindukush Sarai

Vehicle: Included with fuel & driver

Not Included: Meals, Guide, and Passes can be added upon request


Starting From
PKR 346,000
for 2 persons

Hotels: Naran Mountain Chalet, Roomy Hindukush Sarai, Blossom Inn Gupis, Northern Sapphire, Hotel Himalaya, Karakoram Lodge, Blossom Inn Gupis,

Vehicle: Included with fuel & driver

Not Included: Meals, Guide, and Passes can be added upon request

Services Included

Hotels & Breakfast included. Full Tour includes vehicle(s), fuel and driver(s) with our 24/7 helpline and travel account manager. 


Prices may vary depending upon travel dates and will be finalized upon confirmation. If air tickets are included, travel dates will be dependent on air tickets availability.

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