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Chitrāl, Pakistan


Situated on the western bank of Kunar River on its east lies, Gilgit-Baltistan and south-east Swat Valley. In the north lies China and Wakhan of Afghanistan. Afghanistan lies to its west. It has 35 small valleys, among them Kalash, Mastuj, Shishi Koh, Tor Khow and or Khow are famous. It is also home to one of the giant peaks of Hindukush. This region is also known as ‘palace of fairies’ and nearly all the peaks here are above 4000 feet.



Base City:


Travelling Mode:

By Road

Tour Category:

Leisure, Honeymoon, Corporate



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Starting From
PKR 283,000
for 2 persons

Hotels: Gahirat Castle, Villa Ayun, Hindukush Heights, Mastuj Fort

Vehicle: Included with fuel & driver

Not Included: Meals, Guide, and Passes can be added upon request


Starting From
PKR 155,000
for 2 persons

Hotels: Legend Hotel

Vehicle: Included with fuel & driver

Not Included: Meals, Guide, and Passes can be added upon request

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Sight Seeing
Places to see:

Dir, Lowari Tunnel, Garam Chashma, Chitral Museum, Shahi Mosque, Chitral Fort, Gol National Park, Ayun Valley, Kailash (Bumburet), Tirich Mir Viewpoint, Booni, Mastuj, Shandur Pass


We share customized itinerary along with packages of the tour, after receiving the booking details. 

Services Included:

Hotels & Breakfast for 1 to 10 Persons. Full Tour includes vehicle(s), fuel and driver(s) with our 24/7 helpline and travel account manager.

Services not Included:

Meals, Guide & Passes can be added upon request.

Important information:

Mobile Signal: Good in main Chitral 

3G/4G/Internet: Normal in main city.

Clothing: Keep warm clothes in winters

Roads: Roads are fine. For Kailash Valley and Shandur Pass, jeeps are required. 


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